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Why to peel the maize before using the maize milling machine?

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  Why to peel the maize first when processing maize?

  When the maize milling machine is processing maize, the maize must go through several processes of "cleaning-peeling-degerming-embryo extraction-crushing-grading". Some customers who do not have a deep understanding of maize production do not know why they need to peel. Craft?

  1. Improve product quality: remove most of the skin of maize kernels, produce maize with less skin and high product quality;

  2. Easy to extract embryo/degerm: maize germ and maize endosperm are wrapped by cortex. After peeling, it is convenient to separate the embryo and endosperm, which can improve the efficiency of degerming; improve the quality of maize flour.

maize peeling machine

  3. Maize can be used to produce a variety of foods, peeling can improve the edible quality of maize flour, and maize milling machine can make maize flour more perfect;

  4. Improve product purity: maize husks may be contaminated by harmful substances. Grinding after peeling will help improve the purity of the product.

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