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What should I pay attention to when investing in maize milling business?

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  With the rapid development of maize milling business in recent years, the market prospects are bright. It is a sunrise project suitable for investment. At present, some domestic grain machinery factories see the hotness of the maize milling business market, and they follow up, advertise and imitate blindly. This is detrimental to the overall development of the corn processing equipment industry and brings some misunderstandings to users who have invested in corn processing equipment. The following detailed explanations of the major misunderstandings in the corn processing equipment industry hope to help friends who are preparing to invest in equipment.

maize milling business and factory

  Misunderstanding 1: Some non-professional manufacturers imitate professional manufacturers to build one or two sets of corn processing equipment, and take customers to the site to see the equipment in a hurry. After checking the line, the customer feels that the quality of grits and flour is good, so they sign the order at a low price. Because the customer is unprofessional, it is not clear how much grits are produced, what is the rate of genuine powder, how much secondary powder is, how much feed powder, grits, whether the color of the powder is dark yellow, etc. No matter how good the quality of each product is, there is no economic benefit for the low rate of genuine products.

  Misunderstanding 2: The current maize milling business market is very chaotic. Non-professional manufacturers sign orders as long as customers counter-offer. This type of manufacturer uses customers as test bases, and ultimately makes customers dumbfounded.

  Misunderstanding 3: Some of the advertisements made by leather bag companies are very strong. After showing customers the equipment, they sign the order at a low price. This is a "contract fraud" and asks the customer to sell the equipment for the second time, three or four times during the installation, which is not on the contract. If the technical standards are not signed, that is, it is not clearly stated in the attachment list. In the end, it will only spend more money until the project aborts.

  Misunderstanding 4: Some corn processing equipment manufacturers use a certain brand for publicity, rent an office and small workshop of a grain machine factory to make sample production, and the equipment is simple to prepare. Inferior equipment, pieced together. Can produce low-yield products, the future of equipment, accessories, and after-sales service are not guaranteed. Take a shot and change a place.

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