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How to improve the production efficiency of corn processing equipment?

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  Now, with the advancement of technology and the liberation of a large degree of human input, it is very smart to maximize the improvement of the network, and ease of operation and efficiency are the pursuit of enterprises. The corn processing equipment is the same. How to make the corn processing equipment efficiently produce?

  The popularization of modern agricultural science and technology has made food production more abundant and food processing more convenient. China is a big corn producing country. Under the premise that countries with sufficient raw grains attach great importance to the development of the grain industry, the corn processing industry has aroused the interest of many people. So how to improve the efficiency of corn processing equipment? Learn the whole set of corn processing equipment knowledge with Lushan Win Tone Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. to make the whole production process worry-free.

  1. When the whole set of corn processing equipment is started, the power should be connected first, the fan should be operated, and the direction of rotation should be observed. If there is a reversal, it should be corrected immediately.

  2. Material equipment, food should fall between the shortlisted grain rack and the sorting rack.

  3. During operation, the temperature is controlled by the opening of the temperature adjustment board. Stable operation should be level. If the temperature is too low, the distance between the furnace and the fan can be moved.

  4. In order to dry the corn, it must be done every half an hour at the beginning of the drying, and the drying time after the drying is 20-25 minutes.

  Drying time and experience, it is estimated that the food is dry and the materials are all right. In order to facilitate the material can be enclosed in the grain rack and transported aside. The taken out food can be moved to other places for further processing.

  As the saying goes, it is very important to choose high-quality corn processing equipment during the initial construction of a factory without diamonds. However, there are also people who say that "knife sharpening does not miss the woodcutter." Correct operation will improve the production efficiency of the machine and increase economic benefits.

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