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How to judge the processing condition of corn processing equipment is good?

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  In the production of corn processing equipment, the operator can analyze the production status of the equipment during the operation of the equipment and determine whether the production status is good, which is very important for improving the profitability of the manufacturer. This is because if the corn deep processing equipment operates normally, it means that the efficiency will be improved. On the contrary, if the equipment fails, the efficiency will not be guaranteed, and the quality of the processed products will be desired. But how can we correctly judge whether the production status of the processing equipment is good?

  1. Analyze the probability of failure of processing equipment when it is working. Once the degree of wear and tear of the mechanical equipment increases sharply, and its failure rate increases, resulting in excessive downtime, abnormal work or unguaranteed working hours, its value will be greatly affected. The personnel must update the equipment in time.

  2. Determined by the method of technical and economic analysis, the production capacity is obviously weakened, the energy consumption is too large, the input-output ratio is seriously unreasonable, and it is uneconomical, such as the low output of crushed products and granulated products, and the hourly production capacity of units Much lower than the designed hourly output, etc., all mean that its condition is not ideal and needs to be improved.

  3. It can be judged from the deterioration degree of the quality index of corn processing equipment. It is mainly judged by the working quality of the mechanical equipment itself and the quality of the product production, such as excessive vibration of the crusher, uneven crushing particle size, excessive residue of the mixer, and excessive variation coefficient of mixing uniformity, etc., all need to be paid attention to, and timely Perform component adjustments.

  How to judge the production status of corn deep-processing equipment can effectively reduce the frequency of equipment failures, and at the same time can effectively improve the quality of processed products. This has an important effect on the profit of the manufacturer, which can be carried out by the above methods. The processing equipment is judged to be in good condition.

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