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How to improve the flour yield of maize milling machinery?

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  For maize processing manufacturers, the maize milling machine is used to process maize flour. The quality of maize flour is directly related to the equipment. The processing manufacturers all hope that their equipment has a high flour yield and will think of various methods to improve the equipment. Powder yield. Today, China Win Tone Machinery will talk about how to improve the corn flour extraction rate from three aspects. Let’s learn about it together.

maize milling machine

  1. Control the moisture of the milled maize. The moisture content of the milled maize affects the flour yield. The higher the corn moisture, the higher the flour yield, and vice versa. In the production process of Maize milling machine, on the premise of ensuring the quality of the finished product required by the customer, the moisture of the corn should be reasonably controlled to achieve the purpose of improving the flour yield.

  2. Strictly control the wheat-running time. According to the different properties of maize, the length of moistening time is also different, which is related to the processing performance of corn. The user should reasonably control the wheat-running time according to the quality of the raw grain and the environment and other factors.

  3. Standard operation. The operation level of the operator directly affects the performance of the maize milling machine, and affects the quality and yield of the flour. Operators should be familiar with the characteristics of the equipment, master the processing requirements of maize, and improve the operation level of the equipment.

  The processing of maize is followed by many steps, namely: peeling, degermination, cleaning, grinding, etc. The commonly used processes for maize peeling include dry method, wet method, semi-dry method, etc. Each peeling process has its own advantages. However, in comparison, most manufacturers now use the dry peeling process, which is more efficient, has cleaner peeling, brighter color and higher quality of processed corn food.

corn processing machinery

  In the previous traditional semi-dry process, the maize peeled after mixing water with the peeling equipment in the maize milling machine. Due to the influence of external temperature, humidity, etc., a little carelessness will easily lead to unclean peeling and kernels. The rate is low, there are black stars in the finished product, and the quality of the finished product is poor, so the scope of use is relatively small. Recommended reading: What are the requirements for the automation of maize processing equipment in operation

  If you want the maize milling machine to produce high-quality maize products, you need to design the processing process according to the quality of the processed materials, the nature of the processed products and other factors. During the operation of the equipment, the various processes cooperate with each other and complement each other. is to produce higher quality corn food.

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