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About Us

China Win Tone Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing corn, grain, wheat, rice, oil and starch processing machines and plants. ......

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Corn Processing Project

We provide various corn processing lines, such as corn peeling line, corn milling line, corn germ extraction ine, corn flakes production line and so on.

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Grain Processing Project
We can help to build beans, sorghum, millet, buckwheat, oat and sesame processing project and provide professional installation and after-sales service.

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Wheat Milling Project

We provide 10-500T/Day wheat milling project design, manufacture, installation, training and after-sales service.

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Oil Processing Project

We provide 10-3000T/Day edible oil processing turn-key project including oilseeds pretreatment, pre-press, solvent extraction and oil refining process. 

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International Trade Office Address : No 1 of Yingchun Street, Zhengzhou National HI-TECH Industrial Development Zone, Henan Province, China
Manufacturing Base Address: Industrial Park, Lushan, Henan, China