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How many kinds of corn grits can be processed by the corn grits making machine?

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  How many kinds of corn grits can be processed by the corn grits making machine? The corn grits making machines can process corn into a variety of finished products. Then, what kinds of corn grits can be processed into corn grits after basic treatment?

  ①Large broken particles: The particle size is 4W/5W.

  ②Large ballast: The particle size is 5W/7W, which also contains most of the corn embryos.

  ③Middle ballast: The particle size is 7W/10W.

  ④Small ballast: The particle size is 10W/14W.

  ⑤Coarse grain: The grain size is 14W/20W.

corn grits

  The content of large grits and medium grits processed by corn grits machine accounts for more than 90% of corn embryos, and the embryo content of large grits accounts for 65%-75%. Therefore, embryos are mainly extracted from large and medium grits. The corn grits making machine is to separate the two materials, the embryo and the grits, and classify them according to the particle size of the grits, so as to ensure the purity of the grits and the efficiency of embryo selection.

  The process configuration and equipment quality have always been the direct determinants of the processing efficiency of the corn grits machine. In the processing process, a good operation level can ensure the safety, continuous stability of production, and the acquisition of high-quality products is also inseparable from the manufacturers' scientific efforts. manage. These are all necessary factors for high-quality processing of a corn grits machine.

corn grits machine

  There are many kinds of corn products, so the process of corn processing is also a complicated process. There are many procedures and considerations depending on the type and quality of the finished product required. In this process, the various processes are interlinked and indispensable, and each link cannot be ignored.

  In order to have a good effect on the corn grits processed by the corn grits machine, every link from the process to the operation must not be sloppy, so as to ensure the processing efficiency.

diesel corn grits making machine

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