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What are the advantages of the performance of our corn puffed food machinery?

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  Analyze the advantages and performance of corn deep processing machinery and equipment in the processing industry? Each type of machinery and equipment has its own advantages and performance. In the corn processing industry, there are many types of corn processing machinery and equipment. It can develop steadily in the processing industry. Now the processing equipment used in corn processing is corn deep processing equipment. Through this deep processing equipment, various corn foods and materials can be processed, helping the processing industry to solve many problems. So, what are the advantages and performances of corn deep processing machinery and equipment, let's learn about it with Lushan grain machinery manufacturers.

corn puffed making machine

  1. After the corn is puffed, it is equal to a high-temperature processing. The moisture content of the puffed corn flour is reduced to less than 10%. Such low moisture reduces the growth of insects and molds. The stability of them in storage is strengthened, they are suitable for long-term storage, and are suitable for making military rations for war preparations, and their edible quality is improved.

  2. After the corn is puffed by the corn deep processing machine, it has become a cooked food, which can be directly washed with boiling water, or made into compressed food, or can be made into a variety of foods after a little processing, which is easy to eat and saves time.

  3. After the corn is processed and puffed, the coarse and hard tissue structure is destroyed, and the coarse grains can no longer be seen, and the taste of coarse grains cannot be eaten. The taste is soft and delicious.

  4. The puffing process makes the preservation rate and digestibility of the nutrient components of the puffed corn product relatively high, which means that the puffing process has no effect on the nutrition of the corn, and its digestibility is higher than that of the unpuffed product.

corn snack food machine

  Corn deep processing machinery is a small flour machine composed of power, feeding, grinding and separation systems. A main support point, the cylinder at the lower end of the inner and outer grinding heads is used as a rotating auxiliary support point, and the gap between the inner and outer grinding heads is adjusted by the axial movement of the inner grinding head.

  The puffing process of corn processing machinery greatly improves the nutritional value and economic value of corn, and makes the types of products processed by deep processing equipment more abundant, making the corn processing industry a step up. If you have other questions, you can always consult our manufacturers.

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