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What is the correct way to start the millet processing equipment?

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  Millet food is processed by millet processing equipment. When using processing equipment to process millet food, first turn on the processing equipment, and then process millet food. When starting the millet, it is necessary to operate the booting procedure according to the specifications. If the booting operation is not performed properly, various failures in the process of processing food will occur, which will affect the normal use of the complete set of millet processing equipment. If there is a problem in the food process, install the correct operation to start the machine. Today, Henan grain machinery manufacturers talk about the correct startup method of millet processing equipment.

millet milling machine

  The first step, after turning on the millet processing equipment, switch the gears of the engine from the first gear to the third gear and then to the reverse gear, observe the operation of the equipment, debug the left and right turning mechanisms, observe the operation of the equipment, and check the sensitivity of the clutch and brake. , Under the condition that the clutch is fully depressed, it can achieve a complete separation state, and it is normal to observe the data display on the instrument panel. If a problem is found, it should be stopped immediately for maintenance.

  The second step is to test the engine of the millet processing equipment. Listen carefully to the sound of the engine during the operation of the equipment. If you hear a strange sound, you should stop it in time for inspection. During the operation of the equipment, observe the oil pressure gauge and temperature gauge of the equipment. Make sure that the water temperature of the equipment operates within the specified value range.

millet processing unit

  The third step is to check whether the connection of the fasteners of the processing equipment is tight enough during the test process, the temperature of the bearing and bearing parts during the processing is normal enough, and whether the belt and chain parts of the equipment have greater wear. Drain the lubricating oil and hydraulic oil in the hydraulic box of the gearbox, and clean the filter parts to ensure that all parts are in good working condition. After the inspection is completed, do not rush to directly test the high horsepower, but gradually increase the horsepower to test to ensure that each part of the equipment has a sufficient running-in process. Recommended reading: Which is the best millet processing equipment? Where can I sell millet processing equipment in Henan?

  When using millet processing equipment, it is necessary to check whether there is any debris in the host cavity before starting the machine, and the material must be inspected before being crushed. Any impurities are not allowed in the material to avoid damage to the equipment. During the use of the processing equipment, it is necessary to regularly check whether the fixing nut of the movable toothed plate is loose and all the fastening parts must not be loose, and the screws in the mechanical fixed toothed plate should be checked. Inject appropriate lubricating oil before starting the machine, and increase the number of refueling for continuous work. When the actual working hours are over 300 hours, it is necessary to maintain and replace the new lubricating oil after cleaning the bearing cavity of the mechanical spindle.

millet dehulling machine

  When the complete set of millet processing equipment is running, tighten the anti-loose nut to prevent the shaft from drifting. The equipment must be pure before use, no stones or metal blocks can be put in it. During the operation of the equipment, it is forbidden to put hands or metal rods into the hopper to dredge the rice. Only wooden sticks can be used to prevent the fingers from being cut off by the screw shaft. Do a good job in regular inspection and maintenance of the motor of the processing equipment. Disassemble and maintain the motor, clean and refuel or replace the motor bearing of the millet processing equipment, monitor the insulation, improve the cooling system, etc., to ensure that the motor is running in a good state. It is necessary to ensure the quality of maintenance. When repairing equipment and motors, it is necessary to ensure that various parameters meet the technical requirements of the original machine, strictly control the quality of replaced accessories and enameled wires, operate each process correctly, prevent various hidden dangers of accidents left by human beings, and improve the quality of after repair. The high quality of the motor operation ensures that the control system can operate well.

millet dehusking machine
millet polishing machine

  In the grain processing and production process, millet processing equipment has a variety of functions. For users whose processing equipment has a more reasonable and compact structure design, safety issues are always in place. It ensures the safety of consumers in use and operation, and makes consumers feel at ease. At the same time, the service life of millet processing equipment is improved, and the operation and maintenance are simple and convenient. Reduce the maintenance time of machinery and equipment as much as possible, reduce the long-term operating cost of the enterprise, and do a good after-sales service. The overall quality of millet processing equipment can reduce costs as much as possible and produce simple and efficient equipment, and only in this way can the overall level of the entire processing industry be improved.

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