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How to make rice processing equipment better to separate grains?

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  When the rice processing equipment is processing rice, it is necessary to separate the grains during the processing, so that the quality of the processed rice is better. Many processing manufacturers do not know how to separate the grains better when processing rice, and do not know which method to use to separate the grains. Today China Win Tone Machinery will share how to separate the grains better. Let's learn together Let's go.

paddy separator
paddy separator

  Adjust the damper and the dripping plate well. When starting the machine, we should adjust the damper and dripping plate well, so that the content of rice husks in the grain is reasonable, and the full rice grains in it will not be higher than 30 grains per kilogram. Put your ear to the machine and listen to see if you can hear the sound of the grains colliding in the pipe, this is not allowed.

  Pay more attention to the black rubber roller, it is not temperature-resistant, pay more attention to the black rubber roller, because it is not temperature-resistant, if the temperature rises from 20 degrees to 100 degrees, its tear resistance will lose more than half, and its vulcanized rubber strength will also be reduced by three 2/2. the elongation force will be reduced by 30%, so when the temperature is high in summer, we should pay attention to ventilation, take measures to reduce the temperature, and replace the rubber roller.

  The process operation should be changed according to the characteristics of the paddy. If we process the paddy with a high moisture content, you will find that it is difficult to husk, it is easy to break the rice, and it is easy to make the rubber roller groove. At this time, we should reasonably increase the linear speed difference and replace it with a rubber roller with a large diameter and not too hard, so that the rolling pressure will be reduced, and the flow rate should also be reduced, so that the shelling rate can be controlled between 70% . If the rice is processed for a long time, its characteristic is husk pine, which is very easy to break. We need to use a rubber roller with a large diameter and not too hard, and reduce the difference between the roller pressure and the line speed, and the flow rate is slightly higher than normal. High is fine, the shelling rate should not be higher than normal, and it should be controlled at about 70%. Recommended reading: The advantages of rice processing equipment are mainly in those aspects

  The emergence of rice processing equipment has improved the added value of agricultural products, adapted to the development needs of the modern market, provided us with a lot of new products, made the products on the market more diverse, and also contributed to the development of our country's economy. strength, and at the same time improve self-efficacy. At present, due to the influence of people's consumption habits and market demand, rice production has begun to attract people's attention, to meet the requirements of people's healthy life, and the development prospect is relatively broad.

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