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What are the appearances of inferior corn processing machinery and equipment?

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  At present, there are many corn processing machinery manufacturers on the market, and the quality of large and small is uneven. Many unfamiliar users are deceived when purchasing because of their greed for cheap, and they buy corn processing machinery of poor quality. Often after a period of use, you will find that corn processing machinery often has problems of one kind or another. Let's talk about the appearance of inferior machinery and equipment.

  1. When the corn machinery is polishing, because the endosperm contains part of the whole embryo, when the quality of the grits is guaranteed, only the polishing machine is pressurized, and the pressurization leads to a high flour yield. At this time, the flour is mixed with the germ powder, and the authentic flour cannot be extracted. , eventually leading to a feed meal.

  2. The quality of corn products is low, and when the yield is high, the overall quality is low, resulting in the final economic benefits of customers.

  3. The rate of grits is extremely low less than 30%, and there is no genuine powder. Because the powder contains the mixture of black star and yellow powder after the degermination machine, it cannot be purified, but it pollutes most of the genuine powder.

  4. The semi-dry corn embryo extraction, grits, and flour milling processes are eliminated in the domestic and foreign industries. Don't be deceived. There is currently no one successful in China. If the quality of embryos, grits, and flour is reached, the yield is very low. , and each variety needs to be dried, the production cost is extremely high, and the profit is negative. If the technological level cannot be reached, 70% of the materials will be turned into feed, and the profit will be negative or negative.

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