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Standards for maize processing machine companies at this stage

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  Maize processing machine enterprises must implement the "going out" strategic policy at this stage. The product standards of corn processing equipment in my country are not uniform at this stage, and some are no longer suitable for the needs of the situation, and some technical standards are obviously lagging behind the international standards.

  The first step in "going out" is to unify standards in the domestic and foreign markets, and to produce, inspect, and evaluate in accordance with international standards. Uniform standards are the prerequisite for the implementation of the brand strategy and the key to "winning by quality". In recent years, although many companies in my country's maize processing machine manufacturing industry are aware of and strive to move closer to international standards, and some have already produced in accordance with international standards, there is still a big gap in the overall progress and level.

  The domestic market is the foundation for the development of our maize processing machine manufacturing enterprises. The 1.3 billion Chinese consumers are an important force affecting the world economic structure. Domestic enterprises must rely on the huge domestic market resources, make great efforts to develop towards large-scale production, intensive management, continuously improve R&D capabilities and production and inspection levels, improve product technology content, and create their own brands, both domestically and internationally. The market wins the initiative to compete with foreign counterparts on the same stage.

  This is the prerequisite for the maize processing machine to implement the "going out" strategy, and it is also the foundation for winning the competition in the international market.

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