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How does Maize Milling Machine control the softness and hardness of flour?

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  Are you still worrying about unsatisfactory flour extraction? There is a new maize milling machine that can process raw grains into flours of different finenesses such as special first flour, special second flour, high-precision flour, etc., to meet the diverse needs of people Many friends want to know how these flours with different finenesses are produced. The following editor will explain to you how to control the "softness and hardness" of flour.

  When the flour processed by the maize milling machine is found to be unsatisfactory, should it be stopped and then adjusted for reproduction or can be adjusted at any time without stopping the machine? All the wearing parts of the maize milling machine are made of special wear-resistant materials or hard alloys, which have good wear resistance. The replacement of wearing parts has low cost and meets the sanitary standards of various products.

  Different from ordinary equipment, it has the functions of cleaning and anti-clogging at any time, which can ensure normal operation and non-stop automatic cleaning and smashing. It can be powdered at one time without slag, and there is no circulating smashing, which can ensure the uniform content of various components. The feed size is unlimited, and it can be fed directly into the machine without coarse crushing, and no drying equipment is required.

maize milling machine

  The machine body is made of non-casting material and is welded by all steel plates. In addition to the special cutting function, the machine is equipped with a grading device synchronously. The crushed material is collected by the grading device under the action of airflow. The grading device usually replaces the sieve of the crushing device. The net can complete the two processing procedures of micro-grinding and micro-powder sorting at the same time.

  The fineness of general corn flour is mainly related to the grinding roller of maize milling machine. The size of the grinding roller tooth spacing, the speed of the grinding roller and the direction of rotation are all related to the grain size of the flour. Smaller, the more delicate the wheat, the smaller the rotation speed of the grinding roller, the coarser the wheat, the tighter the rotation direction of the grinding roller, and the smaller the grain size of the wheat.

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