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Principles for Adjusting the Roll Gap of Maize Milling Macine

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  If you use a maize milling machine to process flour, you need to adjust the mill roll distance before processing, so as to better improve the powder extraction rate and the quality of the finished product. Regarding the adjustment of the mill roll distance of the corn mill, the equipment is different. The placement is also different, and the form of the rolling distance adjustment mechanism is also different. At present, the common rolling distance adjustment mechanism can be divided into three types: manual rolling distance adjustment mechanism, automatic trip type rolling distance adjustment mechanism and fully electric rolling distance adjustment mechanism.

roller mill for maize milling machine

  1. Automatic tripping type rolling distance adjustment:

  The mechanism includes a clutch mechanism, a fine and coarse adjustment mechanism of the rolling distance, and an automatic trip mechanism. When the handle is pushed to the position where the two grinding rollers are brought together, the handle is locked with the brake hook. Press down the lever to release the handle of the brake hook, and the two rollers will be released. The fine adjustment of the rolling distance is controlled by the hand wheel, the adjustment amount per rotation of the hand wheel is 0.04~0.06mm, and the coarse adjustment of the rolling distance is by the positioning nut and the adjusting nut on the tie rod.

  Change the fixed position of the bearing arms on the pull rods at both ends of the fast and slow rollers, so that the bearing arms drive the slow rollers to move closer to or away from the fast rollers. The adjustment amount per turn of the nut is 0.2~0.4mm. The function of the automatic trip mechanism is to automatically release the grinding roller when the feeding is interrupted to avoid damage to the grinding teeth. When the feeding is interrupted, the section plate is no longer under pressure, the heavy hammer causes the other section of the lever to tilt, and the brake hook is moved to release the handle. Under the action of the spring, the slow roller quickly leaves the fast roller through the bearing arm.

  2. Manual rolling pitch adjustment:

  The mechanism includes a clutch mechanism, a coarse adjustment mechanism and a fine adjustment mechanism. When working, pull the clutch handle together with the eccentric shaft head and the pull rod to make the outer grinding roller rotate around the fulcrum, so as to move closer or away from the inner grinding roller. When a large and hard material enters between the two grinding rollers, the spring is compressed, the pull rod and the two ends of the adjusting screw do not come out of contact, the rolling distance is enlarged, and the hard object is passed, the spring makes the outer grinding roller automatically reset.

  3. Electric rolling pitch adjustment:

  The mechanism includes clutch electric actuators, linear displacement sensors, etc. The electric rolling distance adjustment mechanism is adjusted by a ball screw driven by a brushless DC motor. The rolling distance is adjusted during low-speed intermittent operation, and it is used for the clutch of fast and slow rollers during high-speed continuous operation. The brushless DC motor is controlled by a special single-chip microcomputer. After setting a rolling distance, the motor runs at a high speed to drive the ball screw to push the eccentric shaft head to rotate, so that the slow roller approaches or leaves the fast roller to achieve fast clutch rolling;

roller mill

  When the slow roller reaches the target position, the single-chip microcomputer controls the motor to run at low speed to drive the ball screw to adjust the rolling pitch. When the feeding is interrupted, the pressure sensor set on the feeder will send the signal to the single-chip microcomputer, and the motor can be controlled to run in the reverse direction at high speed to make the slow roller quickly separate from the fast roller and realize the rapid departure from the gate.

  Adjusting the milling roll distance is very important for processing corn flour. We can adjust the milling rolls according to the principle of material balance, changes in raw grain varieties, changes in moisture, changes in flow rates, and different requirements for powder extraction. When the preparation work is done, the later processing will be smoother.

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