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What problems should be paid attention to when using corn grits machines?

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  Corn grits machines can process many kinds of food, such as corn grits, corn oil, corn flour, etc. Different foods have different processing techniques. So what should be paid attention to when using corn grits equipment to process corn grits? How can we ensure the yield and quality of processed corn grits? Let's take a look at the editor.

corn grits machine
corn grits machine and final products

  First of all, when processing corn grits, pay attention to the cleaning and screening of corn raw materials to remove impurities from them. This is not only conducive to the processing of equipment, but also can improve the quality of corn grits.

  Secondly, pay attention to the processing environment and try to process in a low temperature environment. This will help reduce the evaporation of water in the corn grits, reduce the strength of the corn grits, and improve the processing effect of the corn grits machine.

  Next, the staff should be familiar with the adjustment of the technical parameters of the corn grits machine, combined with the machine's grits making process, characteristics and system settings, and better cooperate with the machine's processing work.

  At the same time, the operator must master the methods of measuring the scraping rate and the grit removal rate to ensure the effect of each grit making machine.

  Remember, the initial corn grits machine should be in a humidity environment, so that the basic performance of corn grits can be guaranteed to achieve long-term moisture retention.

  In addition, it is necessary to combine the grits making process of the corn grits machine and its characteristics, the system settings and the functions of each system. The personnel are required to be familiar with the configuration of the grits making technical parameters and the configuration of the screens of each system in order to cooperate well for operation.

  If you use a corn grits machine to set the temperature, it is recommended to process the corn grits in a low temperature environment. This will help reduce the evaporation of corn grits, reduce the strength of corn grits, the humidity coefficient of volume stability, and improve the processing quality.

  Through the analysis of the entire process of processing corn grits, it is known that humidity and environmental factors are important conditions that affect the processing of corn grits. Pay more attention. In addition, before the formal processing, it is necessary to clean and screen the corn raw materials to remove impurities. Simultaneous grading can improve the uniformity of corn processing and improve time efficiency.

corn grits and flour production line

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