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Introduction to the commonly used milling technology of maize milling machines

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  The processing process of corn flour is the same as ordinary flour, including grinding, sieving, flour cleaning, loose flour, bran, and bran brushing. The rationality of the milling process with maize milling machine is the fundamental factor that affects the effect of the milling process. Factors, the following editor will explain several popular grinding methods for you.

flour milling machine

maize flour mill

flour mill

  Commonly used milling process of maize milling machine:

  1. The grading of raw materials for middle road milling: The main feature is low unit output and high power consumption, but the quality of corn flour is better.

  2. Grinding method to strengthen the classification of raw materials: The grade powder produced by this method has a significantly improved extraction rate of refined powder.

  3. Flour milling method for balanced powder production by impact of milling: this technology has less repeated grinding of materials and less damage to starch, which is suitable for grinding low-fermented or non-fermented food special flour.

  4. Simplify the milling process of material classification: the main feature is that the milling process is short, the material classification is small, the unit output is high, and the power consumption is low, but the flour processing accuracy is poor.

  Generally, the milling methods of small flour mills mainly include modern long flour milling method, front balanced flour milling method, forward flour milling method, peeling flour milling method. Pay attention to the mix ratio and humidity of the raw grains entering the mill, the actual output of the entire production line, the powder extraction rate, the location and function of each mill in the powder road, the different seasons and the temperature, humidity, and dampening time, etc. Influence.

  For more details, maize milling machine, corn deep processing machinery, corn grits making machines, corn peeling machines:

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