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The innovation process of corn processing machinery in deep processing technology

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  With the upgrading of corn processing machinery technology, so far, there have been thousands of corn products, which are used in food, chemical, textile, and other industries, and they have received unanimous praise from users.

  The research has thus fulfilled the requirements of refined production, which not only improves the comprehensive use value of agricultural products, but also promotes the development of agricultural economy.

  Due to people's continuous in-depth research on corn resources, the requirements for corn deep processing have naturally increased. By increasing the refined requirements of corn processing, corn deep processing machines are equipment that can process various corn foods, mainly used in food processing plants. It plays an important role in the food industry and chemical production.

Maize Processing Plant and Solution

  Maize processing is a complicated process. This process is interlocking and indispensable, and every link must be done well. Every step from the process to the operation and production must not be sloppy, so as to obtain the ideal processing effect.

  Combine the deep processing of corn to carry out comprehensive utilization, make the residents' diet structure more reasonable, and vigorously promote the low-input, low-polluting corn dry corn meal technology, which is better than traditional technology.

  Corn deep processing actively adopts corn germ extraction technology, develops corn oil series products, opens up domestic and international markets, develops comprehensive utilization, and reduces production costs. Actively develop corn gluten deep processing to promote feed production.

  In order to ensure that the products produced by the deep processing of corn are healthy, it is necessary to ensure that the corn processing is carried out in a high temperature environment. At this time, the equipment needs to be heated. It can be seen that the corn processing equipment has a heating device is very important, because only Only when the corn raw materials can be heated evenly can the quality of corn processed products be guaranteed.

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