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Too long mechanical moistening time of corn is not conducive to peeling work

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  Dehulling is a very important part of the corn processing process. The dehulling effect is determined by the grain moistening. Many people feel that the longer the moisturizing time, the better. Is this really the case? In fact, if the moisturizing time is too long, it will not be beneficial to the corn. In the later stage of the peeling work, how long is the appropriate moisturizing time? Let's take a look with the editor below.

  Before the corn is crushed and degerminated, the corn generally needs to be humidified, which is the so-called moisture adjustment:

  The skin of dried corn is relatively brittle, not easy to fall off, and the toughness of the embryo is relatively poor. After the water is adjusted, the skin absorbs water and expands, and the connection with the endosperm is slightly reduced, and the toughness increases. After the embryo is absorbed, the toughness will also increase and it is not easy to break. , It is convenient to extract embryos and can improve the production quality of corn.

  Generally, corn machinery has certain requirements on the time and amount of water to moisten the grain. The best moisturizing time is about 10 minutes. Within this time range, the degerming efficiency is achieved. If the moisturizing time is too long, it will be unfavorable for peeling and degerming. As the amount of moisturizing water increases, the degerming rate will increase, but it is not obvious.

  Too long corn moistening time will not be conducive to the peeling work. In the process of moisture adjustment, with the increase of moisturizing time and amount of water, the water absorption of the embryo increases and the toughness increases, which is beneficial to processing.

  Before general grain moistening, prepare the estimated water consumption for each grain moistening. When the water temperature is greater than 90℃, the grain can be moisturized. When the water is added to a certain amount, stir while adding water. 5 hours after the first moistening of the grain, the second moistening of the grain is carried out; after the grain is moistened, the grain piles are neatly stacked in three piles in one row and two piles in a row, with clear spacing.

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