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Why is it necessary to remove impurities in maize mill processing machine?

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maize cleaning machine

        Impurity removal is an important process in Maize Mill Processing Machinery's processing technology. In the process of making corn grits and corn flour from raw corn grains, if the content of impurities is too much, it will have a certain impact on the quality of the finished product. Therefore, we must remove impurities from the raw corn grains before processing.

   In the past, Maize Mill Processing Machinery generally used one sieve and one stone removal process for impurity removal and cleaning. Some sites are limited, using combined equipment, it is difficult to clean up, and the purity of the corn entering the dehulling machine and the quality of the finished product have a great impact.

  Magnetic separation removes the magnetic material in the corn. Because of the corncob, a vertical suction duct is added. When the vertical suction duct works, the materials are fed through the screening equipment. Light impurities are carried away by the airflow of the air duct. The width of the upper air duct can be adjusted by adjusting the moving hand wheel of the upper wind board, thereby adjusting the air volume, and the width of the lower air duct can be changed by adjusting the moving hand wheel of the lower wind board, thereby changing the wind speed. With the help of the adjustment of air volume and wind speed, the impurities and corn can achieve a better separation effect.

   People's living standards have improved now, so when operating the Maize Mill Processing Machine to remove impurities, the staff must pay more attention.

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