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What problems should be paid attention to when buying soybean peeling machine?

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soybean peeling machine

  If you want to start soybean processing business, the core machine is peeling machine. You need to choose a suitable soybean peeling machine, but for those who are new to this industry, they don't know how to choose the equipment that suits them. Today, I will tell you what you need to pay attention to when buying.

  When purchasing soybean peeling machine, you must hope that it has high processing efficiency, convenient operation, low power consumption, and good quality of finished products. Then you need to choose a cost-effective equipment manufacturer. The quality of equipment used in raw grain processing will directly affect the later stage. income. Mainly look at three elements:

  (1) The overall performance of the equipment. It is mainly judged by the working quality of the soybean peeling machine itself and the quality of product production. For example, the vibration of the crusher is too large, the crushing particle size is uneven, the residue of the mixer is too large, etc. The performance of the whole grain equipment is an important evaluation of the quality of the equipment. standard.

  (2) Equipment energy consumption ratio. The production capacity per unit time of the equipment and the cost ratio are one of the reference factors for the quality of a set of equipment. With high production capacity and low consumption, the equipment has a high cost performance and good quality.

  (3) Time for trouble-free operation. The good quality soybean peeling machine, the running time between failures or mean failures is compared with the factory, which shows that the product quality is relatively stable and the performance is reliable.

  Most of the good equipment has some common points, such as the equipment structure material is stable, the parts are more reliable, the air shutter has strong overload capacity, impact resistance and small moment of inertia, suitable for frequent starting and reverse rotation, bearing, gear box, far away from the valve In addition, it requires good sealing performance of the front and rear end caps to prevent dust from leaking. At the same time, good equipment can complete the processes of cleaning, peeling, crushing, making grits, grading, polishing, selecting, and packaging the raw grain at one time. , And the finished product has a smooth appearance, uniform particles and high quality. When you select equipment, you can analyze and check the above points to ensure product quality.

  It is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer more and clearly understand the parts and configuration of the equipment. When the equipment fails, it is easy to disassemble and inspect, which is more conducive to equipment maintenance and troubleshooting. Try to choose a more generalized, highly standardized, Good interchangeability of parts, so that when the equipment fails to work normally, the problematic parts can be quickly replaced, so as not to affect the normal production of the equipment

  In order to achieve a better processing effect of the soybean peeling machine, when you observe and compare in the market, you should not blindly pursue price concessions. You should choose the manufacturer and equipment of the corresponding specifications to ensure the quality and cost-effectiveness according to your own processing needs. .

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