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What are the common failures of maize milling machine?

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  During the daily use of maize milling machine, there will always be some failures that affect normal production, some will not affect the processing effect, but some will seriously reduce the processing effect. So what solutions do users have when the flour has different failures of the maize milling machine?

  1. The quality of corn is poor, the red wheat is more, the collocation is unreasonable and uneven:

  Solution: Re-adjust the matching ratio to make it even.

  2. The grinding roller is blunt, and the production fails to meet the specified index:

  Solution: Re-draw the grinding roller.

  3. The flow is too large and the screen is not clean:

  Solution: Adjust the flow rate.

  4. The water content of the milled corn is too high, the endosperm on the bran is difficult to scrape, and the sieve is difficult:

  Solution: During the cleaning process, adjust the watering time of the corn to ensure the moistening time to make the water content meet the requirements.

  5. The sieving effect is not good, the bran contains flour, and the flour contains bran:

  Solution: Adjust the round sieve of the maize milling machine, the degree of contact of the brush to the sieve silk, or replace the brush. If the sieve is damaged, the sieve should be repaired or replaced with a new one.

  6. ​​The operation is unreasonable, and the peeling and scraping rate and powder extraction rate of each skin mill do not reach the target:

  Solution: re-adjust the equipment to make the scraping rate and the powder extraction rate of each skin grind meet the requirements.

  Correct operation can improve the flour extraction rate of the maize milling machine. During operation, you should always observe the bran and inferior flour to judge the changes in flour extraction rate, so as to take measures as soon as possible. At the same time, check the milling distance of the flour mill frequently and correct it in time. Fluctuations in the flour extraction rate caused by the change of the rolling distance, so that the yield and quality of the corn flour produced will be online at the same time.

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