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What preparations should be made to start the millet processing equipment?

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  When a processing manufacturer uses millet processing equipment to process millet, the first is to open the processing equipment. Before opening the equipment, the equipment should be checked to ensure that there are no faults in the equipment, and then open. For grain processing manufacturers, safety is very important when using processing equipment to produce millet, so it is very necessary to check the equipment regularly. So, what preparations should be made before opening the millet processing equipment, let's follow the Henan grain machinery manufacturers to understand.

  In order to ensure the smooth production of millet processing equipment, the preparation work before the machine is indispensable, but many users ignore this work when operating millet processing equipment, but today I want to talk about the preparation before the millet processing equipment is turned on. Work is essential and plays an important role in improving production efficiency and ensuring the quality of processed products. Recommended reading: What are the technical methods of millet processing complete sets of equipment

  Many manufacturers think that it is a waste of time to prepare the millet processing equipment before starting the machine, but to be honest, there are only two preparations before starting the machine. As long as you hurry up, you can do a lot. Let's take a closer look at the preparation items before starting the millet processing equipment:

  1. Before starting the millet processing equipment, the machine should be installed stably, check whether the parts are normal, whether the parts and their connections are loose, the tension of each transmission belt is appropriate, and the belt must be flexible for pulling, and pay attention to the lubrication of each transmission part. The switch can only be started after the above parts are checked normally.

  2. Remove the sundries in the rice to be milled (such as stones, iron, etc., there should be no stones or iron that are too large or too long) to avoid accidents. Check whether the dryness and wetness of the rice meets the requirements, then insert the bucket plate tightly, and put the rice into the bucket for beating.

  For users of millet processing equipment, safety production is always the first priority. When we process equipment, we need to pay attention to ensuring the quality of the equipment, to ensure the safety of consumer processing manufacturers in the process of use, so that processing manufacturers can use them with confidence. At the same time, the operation of Xiaomi equipment is also required to be convenient and fast, reducing equipment maintenance time as much as possible, reducing the operating cost of manufacturers, improving production efficiency, and providing after-sales service of equipment, so that manufacturers can use it without worry.

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