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What is the future development trend of the rice processing equipment industry?

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  At present, the development of the rice processing equipment industry is growing, the market is open, the potential is large, the comprehensive benefits of agricultural products are continuously improved, and the economic benefits of farmers are improved, which is very popular among consumers in the market. Today's rice processing equipment technology on the market has multiple functions, and can process and produce a variety of rice products, enriching people's food culture.

  The emergence of rice processing equipment has improved the added value of agricultural products, adapted to the development needs of the modern market, provided us with a lot of new products, made the products on the market more diverse, and also contributed to the development of our country's economy. strength, and at the same time improve self-efficacy. At present, due to the influence of people's consumption habits and market demand, rice production has begun to receive attention from people, to meet the requirements of people's healthy life, and the development prospect is relatively broad. Related reading: Matters needing attention in the operation of rice processing equipment

rice processing industry

  1. Control the scale and coordinate development: Strictly control the blind investment and low-level repetitive construction of rice processing equipment projects, resolutely curb the momentum of rapid development, and make its development compatible with domestic rice production capacity.

  2. Reasonable layout and optimized structure: Optimize the layout of feed processing industry and rice processing industry. The development of the complete set of rice processing equipment industry should meet the needs of the domestic market as the basic idea, strengthen the necessary control over the export of primary rice processing and some deep-processing products, and avoid exacerbating the shortage of domestic rice resources.

  3. Circular economy, comprehensive utilization: Adhere to the concept of circular economy, accelerate the structural adjustment of the industry, adhere to the scale and level, improve the level and efficiency of resource utilization, reduce pollutant emissions, and reduce energy consumption and material consumption per unit product. On the one hand, the cleaning of miscellaneous grains is to improve the technological efficiency of rice processing equipment, to ensure production safety, to improve product purity and to ensure good health.

  In the continuous development of the rice processing production line, the structure design is more reasonable, more compact, and more ergonomic, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost, reducing the floor space and improving the production efficiency of the rice processing production line. The intensification of market competition makes enterprises pay more attention to the production efficiency of equipment, and the improvement of production efficiency can bring more benefits to enterprises. Therefore, high efficiency is one of the future development directions of rice processing production lines.

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