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The development of grain processing equipment in the grain processing industry

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  In the food processing industry, there are various types of processing equipment for processing food, such as rice processing equipment, millet processing equipment, corn processing equipment and so on. In fact, there is another kind of equipment in the grain processing industry, which is the grain processing equipment, which is also welcomed by the market.

  Nowadays, many grains are processed by this equipment, and the grains are also welcomed by many people. Therefore, the grains equipment plays a very important role in the grain processing industry. It is believed that in the future grain processing industry will also be well developed.

grain processing equipment

  Because the grain processing equipment manufacturers have low requirements for grain output and are unwilling to invest a large amount of money, they belong to the user group who are price-sensitive and have low requirements for output and quality. This is why small and medium-sized processing equipment manufacturers trust small fully automatic equipment. We know that different products correspond to different market demands. Many small and medium-sized grain processing users choose small automatic grain equipment. Compared with large-scale processing machinery, small grain equipment is more in line with user needs and market needs.

  The coarse grain equipment covers a relatively small area and has a relatively simple structure. It consists of feeding, grinding equipment and a separation system. It integrates crushing, grinding, and feed processing machines. It is suitable for rural and miniaturized grain and feed processing operations. The processing equipment is very simple to process and operate, and ordinary families can quickly get started after purchasing it. Manufacturers of small and medium-sized grain processing equipment trust the quality of small-scale automatic equipment. To a certain extent, it reflects the production design level and the quality of the whole grain equipment. Recommended reading: What are the advantages of small grain processing equipment

  The grain processing equipment has high production efficiency, good wear resistance of wearing parts, all wearing parts are made of special wear-resistant materials or hard alloys, with good wear resistance, low cost of replacing wearing parts, and conforms to the national health standards of various products . The grain processing equipment can adjust the fineness of different products according to the needs of users, without adding a sieving machine. One-time powder without residue, high yield, and saves the trouble of repeated and repeated processing, and also saves processing time. It is a reliable equipment for small and medium grain processing equipment manufacturers.

  Due to the changeable terrain in China, there are many types of grains. The annual planting area of ​​grains is about 10 million hectares, and the total production is more than 20 million tons. However, the domestic grain industry model is not yet perfect, the added value of grain products is generally low, and the deep processing of products is insufficient. In recent years, with the changes in the consumer market, some grain enterprises have fully innovated and continued to carry out deep processing of grains.

  At present, the consumption of miscellaneous grains in developed areas is increasing, and miscellaneous grains not only have high nutritional value, but also contain high trace elements, vitamins and dietary fiber, which also have certain medicinal effects. With the development of society and the change of residents' dietary concept, health has become one of the representatives of the times, and miscellaneous grains have been transformed from food ingredients to functional foods, producing green food processing, and the market space is huge, bringing rare opportunities for the grain processing machinery and equipment industry.

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