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Which millet processing equipment is better? Where are millet processing machines manufacturers?

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  With the development of agriculture, millet food is now popular, and millet food is produced by millet processing equipment. There are many manufacturers of millet processing equipment in the market now, and the equipment produced by different manufacturers is not the same. The processing manufacturers choose the appropriate equipment to use according to their own processing needs. So, where in Henan is there a manufacturer that sells millet processing equipment? That manufacturer's millet equipment is better, let's follow the editor to find out.

millet processing equiment

  Millet processing equipment is fully automated from raw grain cleaning, stone removal, multi-stage shelling, multi-stage grinding and polishing, millet grading and bagging, and power distribution, with continuous operation, smooth process, and convenient operation and maintenance. Low energy consumption, the processing equipment avoids the traditional high energy consumption equipment, and all adopts new energy-saving equipment, so that the unit energy consumption of the whole machine is small. The new technology of millet processing equipment and the application of the equipment make the equipment have high rice yield, low broken rice rate and golden and bright finished rice.

millet dehulling machine

  In order to improve the quality of millet processing and production, when operating millet processing equipment, we should pay attention to two main adjustments to the work of millet shelling machine. The second is the adjustment of the inlet and outlet guillotine blades. According to the relationship between the different adjustments of the rice blade and the inlet and outlet guillotine blades and the pressure and friction in the grinding chamber, to grind out the millet with full grain, white color and good quality, we can follow the following steps: method to adjust and operate. Recommended reading: What preparations should be made for the start-up of millet processing equipment

  The gap between the rice knife and the drum should be moderate, and the gap should not be smaller than the lateral diameter of the rice grains, otherwise, the rice grains will be easily broken, and the gap should not be larger than the longitudinal diameter of the rice grains, otherwise the rice grains will be rough. Therefore, the gap between rice knives should be selected between the longitudinal and lateral diameters of rice grains. Practice shows that the gap between rice knives should be a little oblique, that is, the end near the exit gate knife is slightly larger, so that the milled rice will be more complete.

millet processing machines price

  At present, with the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, millet processing manufacturers are also moving towards large-scale and group-based, and people have begun to pay great attention to the comprehensive utilization of rice quality and the brand benefit of product quality. Only in this way can the industry be better development and adjustment of product structure. In the process of adjustment, the millet processing industry should also invest a lot of money to purchase better production equipment to ensure that the millet can be processed while the rice yield and millet product quality and high quality can be better improved, and then to be more popular with people.

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