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What are the requirements for the automation of corn processing equipment in operation?

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  Nowadays, grain processing equipment has been automated and intelligent, so that the technology does not require manual operation in the processing process, which effectively saves labor and improves production quality. For example, automated maize processing equipment is very popular among users and occupies a large proportion in the market. However, automatic processing equipment also has special requirements for operation. Let's follow China Win Tone Machinery to learn about it.

  For automated maize processing equipment, production is both an assembly line operation and an automated operation, with high production efficiency and good flour quality. The high degree of automation of corn processing equipment is related to its design structure and more related to assembly line processing. It can be ready at the beginning and end. The intermediate screening, cleaning, peeling and other processing processes do not require manual participation at all, and it is a fully automated processing process.

maize processing equipment automatic operation

  Before using the processing equipment, first check whether the welding parts inside and outside the equipment are firm, and whether the parts are deformed or broken. Check whether the cap is installed completely and securely; rotate the threshing drum and other moving parts to check whether there is jamming or collision, whether the operation is smooth and flexible, and whether there is abnormal noise in the bearing; check whether the anti-rust paint of each part of the maize processing equipment is uniform and smooth, Whether there is peeling and serious scratches, and whether there is rust on the parts due to poor paint quality.

  It can be said that the technical performance of today's maize processing equipment is gradually improving, but the professional knowledge and quality of many operators cannot keep up with the pace of equipment technology development. The technical level of the personnel. In order to be familiar with the operation process, maintain the equipment, and be familiar with the employee manual for standardized operation, it is necessary to keep pace with the times and keep learning. Because equipment is constantly changing and people's needs are constantly changing, in addition to self-improvement of employees, enterprises should also pay close attention to training.

  For the production and processing of complete sets of maize processing equipment, operators play a decisive role. The second is the quality of the equipment itself and the rational design of the processing flow. If you want to play the big effect of the equipment and improve the economic benefits of the manufacturer, the technical level of the operators, the quality of the equipment itself, and the rational design of the processing flow are all key factors. Factors are interconnected, restrict each other, and complement each other. Only reasonable arrangements by manufacturers can be obtained in order to obtain greater benefits. Recommended reading: Advantages of corn processing machinery in the processing industry.

maize processing equipment automatic operation

  We want to improve the overall development level of the maize processing equipment industry, continuously introduce new technologies, carry out technological innovation, and improve production efficiency. Modern maize processing equipment enterprises must be able to complete all production work independently, and can also be flexibly used with various production lines at any time according to the needs of consumers.

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