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What are the methods to distinguish the quality of millet processing equipment?

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  What are the ways to distinguish the quality of millet processing equipment from good and bad. Now there are many manufacturers of millet processing equipment, and the equipment produced by each manufacturer is different. Because different manufacturers use different technologies and materials, there are differences in quality. Therefore, when millet processing manufacturers buy processing equipment, they should go to several more manufacturers, and then compare them to see which manufacturer's processing equipment is of good quality, complete functions, and the quality of the processed products. So, how to distinguish the quality of millet processing equipment from good and bad?


  1. Millet processing equipment has the same function but the materials may be different, so the products produced from good materials must be of better quality, except for technical problems, the hardware equipment must also pass the test.

  2. Looking at the quality of processing equipment accessories, a good equipment is composed of many high-quality small parts, and these parts work together during the use of the equipment, so the quality of the accessories is very important.

  3. Look at the strength of the manufacturers of millet processing equipment, that is, the production technology. Each manufacturer's production and manufacturing technology content will be quite different, so the quality of the equipment will also be different, and the price will also be different. Therefore, millet processing manufacturers should Choose carefully.

  Before operating the millet processing equipment, preparations and inspections should be done during the period to ensure that the adjustment of the inlet and outlet gates is in place, so as to ensure that the milled rice is not only white but also very fine, and there is no broken rice. To ensure the quality of millet processing, we should pay attention to the adjustment of rice knives, ensure that the gap between the rice knives and the rolling mill is within the normal working range, and avoid the quality of rice milling due to the excessive gap between the two.

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