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What safety precautions should be taken during the production of sorghum processing equipment?

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  What safety precautions should be taken during the production of sorghum processing equipment? At present, the equipment used by sorghum processing factories in my country is mainly divided into three types: large, medium and small. According to the national industrial policy and industry development requirements, focus on developing medium and large-scale production scales, and small-scale manufacturers of sorghum processing equipment should follow the laws of market economy. So, what safety protection measures should be taken in the production process of sorghum processing equipment?

sorghum processing equipment

  The inside and outside of the sorghum processing equipment is clean, the sliding surfaces and the lead screws, gears, racks, etc. are free of oil stains, no bumps, no oil leakage, no water leakage, no air leakage, no electricity leakage, and the chips and garbage are cleaned up. The related tools, workpieces and accessories of the sorghum processing equipment are neatly placed, the safety protection devices are complete, and the lines and pipes are complete.

  The production line of Lushan sorghum processing equipment operates normally, is safe and hygienic, saves energy consumption and is easy to maintain, ensuring the completeness, rationality and reliability of the production line. The sanitary requirements for the mechanical structure in the equipment design and manufacturing process mainly include the structural materials, surface structure, cleanability, durability, and inspectability of product contact surfaces and non-product contact surfaces. For the mechanical structure of food machinery, the critical control points of hygienic hazards should be determined, and measures should be taken to ensure the hygienic requirements of the mechanical structure.

  The production efficiency of sorghum processing equipment is high, which can ensure the quality of products. The service life of the equipment is also very long, the performance is stable and reliable, and the intelligent operation is adopted, which makes the operation simpler and more convenient. The sorghum processing equipment has beautiful appearance and relatively simple overall structure, which is more suitable for sorghum processing. The design is very novel and can be designed and processed according to different raw materials.

  For sorghum processing manufacturers, it is necessary to reduce the maintenance time of equipment as much as possible, reduce the long-term operating costs of the manufacturers, and do a good job of after-sales. The overall quality of sorghum processing equipment can reduce costs as much as possible and produce simple and efficient equipment. Only in this way can the overall level of the entire processing industry be improved.

  During the production and processing of sorghum processing equipment, the operator can adjust the product fineness at any time according to the actual needs to ensure uniform fineness. In the case of non-stop processing equipment, it can still clear the material at any time, which is beneficial to prevent clogging, ensure uniform mixing, one-time powder without residue, and can ensure the uniformity of the content of various components. The feeding size is not limited, and it can be directly fed into the machine without coarse crushing, which can adapt to various materials with different water contents.

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