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How to solve the relatively loud noise during the operation of the grain processing equipment?

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  How to solve the relatively large noise during the operation of the grain processing equipment? As a kind of large-scale mechanical equipment, there will definitely be noise in the production process, which will have a certain impact on us, so we must solve it to reduce the noise of the grain processing equipment, which methods should be adopted, many Manufacturers don't know. Next, the Lushan grain machinery and grain processing equipment manufacturer will tell you how to solve the noise of the grain equipment.

  Generally, when the grain processing equipment manufacturers encounter this situation, they will adopt three methods to deal with the situation of high noise. ①. Expand the workshop space and leave room for the sound wave to diffuse and reduce energy. ②. Separate the louder parts with walls or tools. ③. Take effective vibration isolation measures.

  Another method is to use it in places where the production of grain processing equipment has little connection, such as the cleaning room and the powder room of the coarse grain processing plant, which can reduce noise. The walls of the coarse grain processing plant should be treated with resistant materials. In China, there are also resistant mufflers used to treat the roof. The absorption of medium and high frequency noise can be solved by hanging the ceiling.

  After the multigrain processing equipment has been used for a period of time, some grains and some flour will be missed in some corners. They will be mixed with dust and cannot be processed or packaged as intact materials. The accumulation of these things is not good for the grain processing equipment itself, so it should be cleaned frequently.

  For daily maintenance and calibration maintenance, pay close attention to factors such as dust, temperature, humidity, vibration, noise, corrosion, etc., and strictly control to reduce errors. It is necessary to ensure that all instrument work surfaces are fixed and flat, and meet the requirements for use. All parts and components of the instrument should be cleaned and restored in time after use to ensure a smooth operation next time.

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  When choosing miscellaneous grain processing equipment, it is necessary to choose processing equipment with good performance and low noise. In addition to the sound of the processing equipment, minimize the noise caused by the impact between equipment, pipes, materials and hoppers. Commonly used vibration isolation measures, one is to connect the non-vibrating object with the vibrating equipment with a soft joint, and the other is to contact the vibrating equipment through the isolator roof or floor.

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