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Do you know the technology and requirements of maize milling machine?

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  Do you know the process design and requirements of maize milling machine? Each processing machinery and equipment has its own process and requirements. If you want to process high-quality products through a processing equipment, the requirements for the equipment design and production process are very high. High. At the same time, the equipment has different processing processes for different processed products. Therefore, a complete process design process is very important. If you want to design the process flow of corn equipment, you should pay attention to it when designing and manufacturing. What are the matters? Let's learn about it with Win Tone Company today.

maize milling machine

  1. When purchasing corn equipment, choose the power and air source that suits the specifications of the facility. Turn off the air and power sources before disassembly and washing. If the core installation of the processing equipment has an electrical management module, it cannot use water directly. Wash the body, otherwise there will be a risk of electric shock and damage to the electrical management module. The instrument must be grounded.

  2. Maize milling machine needs to use raw grains and improve product purity and product yield, give full play to the large processing efficiency of the machine, reduce power consumption and reduce production costs. When using pneumatic conveying and lifting materials, comprehensive utilization of airflow should be considered, so that airflow is conveyed At the same time of material, it can complete part of the process requirements of dust removal, impurity removal, classification and cooling, in order to achieve the purpose of multi-purpose use.

  3. Ensure the stable production of processing equipment and the balance of flow between processes, and fully consider the temporary failures that may occur in production, so as not to affect the production of the entire factory, and actively adopt mature technology, experience, and equipment according to the quality of raw grains and the requirements of finished products. The process is continuous and mechanized.

  4. Follow the principle of homogeneity merger and reduce loop to avoid vicious circle as much as possible, simplify the process flow as much as possible under the premise of ensuring product quality, and give full play to the high efficiency of each process. The flexible process of maize milling machine can adapt to the requirements of changes in raw grain varieties and finished product grades.

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