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How to test the engine operation of rice processing equipment?

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  The engine is important in rice processing equipment. The quality of a processing equipment can be seen directly from the engine. When we purchase processing equipment, we first do a comprehensive inspection and test of the equipment to ensure that the processing equipment is processed. quality of rice. When testing, the focus is on testing the engine of the equipment, which has a great influence on the processing equipment. In fact, it is not difficult to check the engine of the equipment. Today, the Henan rice processing equipment manufacturer will talk about the method of testing the engine.

  First of all, when the rice processing equipment is normally turned on, after the engine is running normally, use the 1st gear to the 2nd gear to the 3rd gear and then reverse gear for a test run, and check that the steering mechanism turns to the left and right respectively, brakes, interlocking mechanisms, Whether the clutch is sensitive and reliable, whether the clutch of the processing equipment is completely separated, feel whether the shift is light, whether the instrument is running normally, and if there is any abnormal phenomenon, stop immediately and troubleshoot.

  Then test the engine of the equipment. The wiring requirements of the complete processing equipment cannot be shared with the original lighting circuit. It must be connected directly from the main power switch with copper or aluminum wires of more than 4 square millimeters. It is not possible to use sockets. It is recommended to use more than 10A. Knife switch. During the debugging process, pay attention to observe the oil pressure gauge and oil temperature gauge of the processing equipment, as well as whether the water temperature gauge is stable within the specified value range, listen carefully to the sound of the engine running, and observe whether there is any abnormal sound. Timely shutdown and troubleshooting.

  After a round of trial processing equipment, remember to check the condition of each component, check whether there are loose fasteners, bearing bushes, and bearings for signs of heat, indicating the inconspicuous phenomenon, whether the belt and chain are loose or not. In case of wear and tear, release the lubricating oil in the engine oil pan, gearbox, reduction gear and hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank while it is hot, and clean the filters of each part.

  The next step is to check the working mechanism of rice processing equipment such as separation, cutting, threshing, and grain unloading. Whether the operation is normal, whether there is noise, whether the hydraulic components of the processing equipment and monitoring instruments move freely, smoothly and reliably.

  The above is the method for starting the inspection of rice processing equipment, because the quality of the rice food processed by the processing equipment is directly related to the equipment. Only if the equipment has no problems can ensure that the processed food is of high quality. food. If we don't know how to test the engine of the equipment, we can use the above methods to detect whether there is a problem with the equipment. If we find a problem, we should solve it in time to avoid affecting the use.

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