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What should be paid attention to in the production process of rice processing equipment?

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  The rice food in our lives is produced by the processing equipment, and the rice processing equipment also solves many problems related to food in life. In rice, rice processing equipment has a lot of credit. This equipment not only has high production efficiency, but also the quality of the food produced and processed is also very high, which is enough to show that the equipment has many advantages.

  When operating the rice equipment, we must pay attention to it. Before operating the equipment, we must carry out pre-job training, so that the operator has an understanding of this processing equipment, so as to prevent the equipment from malfunctioning in the process of rice processing. occurring. Today, Xiaobian (Henan Grain Machinery Company) will tell you what to pay attention to in the process of producing food with rice processing equipment.

rice processing machine

  1. When selecting processing equipment, high-quality equipment should be selected, which can ensure the safety of equipment in use and operation. Such processing equipment has a relatively long service life, and the operation and maintenance of rice processing equipment is simple and convenient.

  2. Pay attention to the safety of processing equipment and production safety, and regularly repair the processing equipment to reduce the possible risks of mechanical equipment to a minimum.

  3. Rice processing equipment can ensure continuous operation, balanced production, processing performance and product quality, achieve reasonable economic scale, meet process technical requirements and reasonable matching between equipment and equipment. During the processing of the equipment, attention should also be paid to related aspects including food hygiene, food quality, food nutrition, etc., so that the production line can operate normally, be safe and hygienic, save energy and be easy to maintain, and ensure the rationality and reliability of the entire production line.

  If the rice equipment suddenly stops during the process of processing and production, then firstly check whether there is electricity in other places of the rice processing equipment. If there is no electricity, it means that there is a large-scale power failure. If there is electricity in other places, it may be the transformer in the meter box. burn out. Focus on checking the transformers in the meter box. The transformers in the meter box are burnt out. In order to ensure safety, the operator first performs power outage and power inspection measures. When all safety measures are completed, the metering operator will burn out the transformer. For replacement, it usually takes less than half an hour to eliminate the power failure, and then switch on, the operator will go to the power processing room first, try the processing equipment, the hoist and the vibrating screen respectively, and find that everything is normal and the solution is completed.

rice milling plant

  The above are the problems that should be paid attention to in the process of processing food with rice processing equipment. First, choose a high-quality processing equipment, then pay attention to the equipment and production safety during production, and then ensure the food processed by the equipment. aspects of quality. If there is a problem with the equipment in the process of life, it should be solved in time to avoid affecting the quality of the processed rice food.

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