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What are the reasons that affect the efficiency of millet processing equipment?

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  What are the reasons that affect the efficiency of millet processing equipment? With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for food quality are becoming more and more stringent, which means that food processors must purchase high-quality equipment for processing. food. Nowadays, there are a lot of millet processing equipment in the market. When purchasing, you must buy high-quality food. Only high-quality equipment can process high-quality food. When we use millet processing equipment to process millet, what matters should we pay attention to? What are the reasons that affect the efficiency of millet equipment processing? Let's follow Win Tone to understand.

  1. The capacity of millet equipment to grind materials. Wheat is ground step by step. As the endosperm is gradually scraped off, the bulk density of the material is reduced as the number of skin grinding passes is pushed back, and the unit flow rate of the grinder in the processing equipment is also reduced. When the uniformity of the material particles entering the same grinding system, when the particle size of the material entering the same grinding system is very different, some smaller particles will not be subjected to the grinding action, so that the function of the surface grinding machine cannot be shipped, the processing equipment The output of the flour mill will be reduced.

  2. Regarding the number of teeth of the equipment roller, the millet equipment is the main equipment for making millet, but the millet produced by different parts of the same equipment is different. This is because some of the components have a significant impact on the quality of millet, such as the roller, In the millet machine, the two rollers move relative to each other to grind the wheat into millet. Before that, there was a peeling process for the wheat, which was the process of removing the skin of the wheat. Roll directly into millet.

  3. The processing speed of millet machinery and equipment, and the processing speed of processing equipment also have some influence on the quality of millet. The lower the speed, the less easily the nutrients will be destroyed, and the more nutritious the millet will be. When operating millet processing equipment, as the rolling distance decreases, the length of the grinding area increases. At this time, the number of teeth of the fast roller on the material increases and the degree of pulverization increases, but the unit flow rate of the millet equipment decreases accordingly.

  4. The height of the grinding teeth of the equipment, as the grinding teeth gradually wear during the grinding process, the material will not be easily caught by the grinding teeth, and the sliding on the surface of the grinding roller increases, that is, the speed of the material moving in the grinding area decreases. , And due to the reduction in the height of the grinding teeth, the material in the gap between the two grinding teeth is reduced, which gradually reduces the output of millet processing equipment.

  When we operate and use millet equipment for production, we also need to regularly maintain and maintain the equipment. This can ensure the improvement of millet processing equipment’s work efficiency, make the quality of processed millet food better, and thus extend the service life of the equipment. .

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