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What innovations does the new grain processing equipment have in the milling process?

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  With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for food, grain processing equipment is also facing new upgrades in processing technology. By constantly changing the processing methods of materials, in order to produce better quality products, so far, the new grain processing equipment is in production. What innovations are there in craftsmanship? Let's take a look with the editor below.

grain milling equipment

  Flour milling is the main method of grain processing, including grinding, sieving, purifying, etc. The products include corn flour, sorghum flour, millet flour, barley flour, oat flour and buckwheat flour. The endosperm is peeled from the cortex and ground into a powder.

  The grain milling process mainly includes cleaning, grinding, sieving and other processes. The new milling process is to use grinding, sieving and other equipment to grind the cleaned grains into powder, usually by one-time crushing or step-by-step layering. The key to stepwise stratified milling is to separate the endosperm from the cortex as completely as possible.

  From coarse grains to processing into flour, the following steps are required: first, the coarse grains should be cleaned, and then the moisture of the coarse grains should be adjusted, and the powder should be ground; Fall into a sieving mechanism to separate flour and bran.

  Flour milling is to gradually break the grain through a certain force, gradually peel off the endosperm from the cortex and grind it into powder. It is an important process in the milling process. The quality of the grinding effect has a direct impact on the flour yield and flour quality, as well as the production capacity of the process equipment and the cost of unit products.

  In the face of different grain products, the processing technology used is different, and the production technology requirements of the equipment are very high. A good grain equipment can accommodate a higher material flow, and the screening material flows smoothly, which is not easy within the fluctuation range of the conventional process flow. Cause blockage, reduce the number of screening equipment used, and reduce production costs.

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