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How to solve the problem of belt slippage in millet processing equipment?

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  As an indispensable auxiliary equipment in the millet processing process, the conveyor mainly relies on it to convey materials. Among them, the conveyor belt is the main "carrier", and the common materials are rubber, silicone, PVC, PU, ​​etc., except for the conveying of ordinary materials. , It can also transport materials that require corrosion resistance. However, during the transportation process, the phenomenon of belt slippage will inevitably occur. Do you know how to solve it?

millet processing equipment

  Solutions for belt slippage during millet processing:

  1. If the belt slips due to insufficient tension from the pulley, this situation usually occurs when starting, and the solution is to adjust the tensioning device to increase the initial tension

  2. The tail roller bearing is damaged and does not rotate or the upper and lower idler bearings are damaged and cannot rotate too much, mostly because the tail floats and sinks too much and has not been repaired and replaced in time, or the components such as inflexible rotation increase the resistance and cause slippage.

  3. The friction between the drive drum and the belt is not enough to cause slippage, or because there is water on the belt or the environment is wet, the solution is to add some rosin powder to the drum, but be careful not to add it by hand and use blasting equipment Blow in to avoid personal accident.

  4. If the starting speed is too fast, it can also cause slippage. At this time, it can be started slowly. If the motor can be jogged twice and then started, the slippage can be better overcome.

  5. When the nylon belt or EP is used, the tensioning stroke is required to be longer. When the stroke is not enough, it can be re-vulcanized or the tensioning stroke can be increased to solve the belt slippage problem of the belt conveyor.

  In summary, solving the problem of belt slippage is of great help to the post-processing of millet, which can ensure smooth conveying and prevent damage to the conveyed objects, and the equipment runs with less noise, reducing the cost of use and facilitating maintenance.

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