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What is the effect of processing coarse grain flour with grain processing equipment?

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  If you want a good diet, you must have a balanced nutrition. The key is to do a good job of matching the thickness and thickness. With the development of the industry, the grain equipment has also made a qualitative leap in function. It can not only process corn, wheat, flour, etc., but also process Oats, buckwheat, sweet potato dry grains, etc., one equipment can process a variety of products, which greatly improves the utilization rate, and the coarse grain flour processed by the grain equipment is more delicious, and the process is also very simple, let's take a look.

  The multi-grain flour equipment is a kind of green and environment-friendly grain processing equipment developed and developed. For a long time, the horizontal structure of the large grinding disc relies on the weight of the upper grinding disc and the lower grinding disc for grinding, especially when the material is small, the upper and lower grinding discs directly rub, causing The sand content of the produced flour is too high. During the work, the grain enters from the middle of the large grinding plate and is extruded from the periphery. The material remains in the grinding plate for a long time, and the bran is easily broken, which makes the color of the flour yellow and the content of bran is large.

grain processing machine

  Due to the long-term direct contact and friction of the large grinding disc, the grinding disc wears quickly, which greatly shortens the service life of the graphite disc. Generally, the grinding teeth need to be repaired at 200.000-300.000 kg. The stone mill adopts a vertical structure, and the grinding disc has a long service life. Generally, the grinding teeth need to be repaired when it is 800.000 to 1.000.000 kilograms, and the gap between the grinding discs can be adjusted at will according to your own processing requirements.

  The material remains in the grinding table for a short time, the sand content is low, and the temperature of the flour produced is low, which fully guarantees the true color and pure flavor of the coarse grains. It not only has high gluten content, many nutrients, but also fine powder. In addition, the number of times that the stone mill grinds the wheat is small, so that the protein, gluten, carotene, carbohydrates and other trace elements in the coarse grains are largely retained, and the molecular structure of the flour is guaranteed without adding any additives. .

  If you want to use whole grain flour to make steamed buns, the flour must reach a certain fineness and good quality. If it is just ordinary equipment, the ground flour is relatively rough, which is not good, and the nutritional value is also lost. The new type of grain processing equipment adopts a roller mill, which has high hardness and wear resistance, and the processed grain does not heat up and is well preserved. The nutritional content of flour, various pasta made from multigrain flour are flexible in taste, rich in wheat aroma and high in nutritional value, and are truly pure natural green food.

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