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How to deal with the rust of the parts in the maize processing machine?

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  In the maize processing machine, some parts are made of iron, and the Chinese style is easy to rust in long-term contact with the outside world! So when the maize processing machine parts rust, how should we deal with it? Win Tone Company as a maize processing machine, flour processing equipment, grain processing equipment, rice processing equipment and other professional manufacturers, today come to analyze with you the solutions when maize processing machine parts rust.

  1. Use baking soda to remove rust. Prepare the baking soda solution at a ratio of 1:500. put the rusty maize processing machine parts in, and then stir it thoroughly. After a certain period of time, the baking soda solution will start to ferment and bubble, and when a layer of rust appears on the liquid surface, Take out the derusted parts, wipe them and dry them to restore the original appearance of the parts.

  2. Vinegar has a corrosive effect on rust. Soak the maize processing machine parts in vinegar for a while, and then it will be very easy to clean up the rust. After cleaning the surface rust, put the maize processing machine parts in vinegar to continue soaking, then take it out and wipe it to dry, and then apply some anti-rust oil for better effect.

  3. To remove rust with ammonium sulfate, use a container to contain an aqueous solution of ammonium sulfate prepared at a ratio of 1:25. Put the rusty maize processing machine parts into the container and soak for one day, which will have a good rust removal effect. After taking it out, wipe it out and dry it, apply anti-rust oil or paint, and it can be used again for a long time.

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