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How to correctly accept corn processing machinery?

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  Many people have joined the corn processing industry for the first time. They don't know much about the various functions of corn processing machinery, the materials used, and the production methods. However, seeing the huge prospects of this industry, they decided to join in. After the user purchases the machine, the manufacturer needs a period of preparation to transport the machine to the user's site. But how should the user accept the machine?

  Regarding the acceptance of corn processing machinery, it specifically includes a lot of content, such as whether the machinery is in good condition when it arrives, whether the quantity is the same as agreed, whether the relevant materials are fully equipped, and so on. Inspect one by one to see if there is any collision or damage to the machinery during loading, unloading and transportation. If so, the machinery should be kept in its original condition and the corresponding claims should be handled.

  Generally speaking, the manufacturer is responsible for the defects caused by the corn processing machinery itself; the damage caused during the transportation is the responsibility of the transportation undertaker; if the insurance department is in the complex scope of the insurance department, the insurance company is responsible for the compensation. Regardless of the damage caused by the exceeding of the delivery date due to any of the above reasons, the corresponding responsible person will be responsible.

  The corn processing machinery that has passed the acceptance inspection can be installed. Professionals are responsible for the pre-installation inspection, check the large and small machinery and accessories, and install them in accordance with the specifications. Next is the idling step. This step is to test whether the machine can work normally, test the installation effect of the equipment and whether the operation control is sensitive and reliable.

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