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How to deal with the noise problem of maize milling machine?

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  The maize milling machine only needs to fix the aperture of the sieve, so the quality of corn flour will not be a problem.

   If the maize milling machine is installed not far from the residential area, it will cause noise pollution, which is determined by the operating performance of the maize milling machine.

   Wheat must be crushed to make flour. In the process of crushing these wheat, noise is inevitable. The crushing noise of the maize milling machine is relatively loud, because the roar of the machine is much smaller.

  Although it is also very noisy, the sound is much lower, because the power system of the motor is also making noise, mixed with the sound of crushing, so it is very noisy. As noise is inevitable, try to install the maize milling machine in a place far away from the residential area during installation.

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