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Rice Processing Plants
30-40TPD Complete Rice Processing Machine

30-40TPD Complete Rice Processing Machine

Finished product:Processing rice, Japonica rice, Indica rice

Production capacity:30Ton-40Ton as required

Core equipment:Pre-cleaner, vibrating sieve, destoner, paddy husker,separator, polisher, whitener, length grader,optical sorter and packing scale

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  Our technology covers the full range of rice and paddy handling from pre-cleaning, paddy storage, dryers, hullers, polishers, rice whiteners, optical sorters through to bagging. The complete rice mill plant can produce a high rate of best quality white rice, it has stable performance and it is an ideal machine for running rice business and small factories. This project consists of combined cleaner , husker, paddy separator, rice whiterner, rice grader, lifting machines, pipes and other accessories.

  We offer this excellent quality rice processing equipment in various specifications as per the requirements of clients. We provide consulting, engineering, tech-economic feasibility studies, design, construction, and implementation of rice processing equipments.

  Main components

  Combined Cleaner

  Combined Cleaner is combined equipment and composed of cleaning and stoning,which is applicable to remove the varied sundroes and stone in the grains. it has characters of high stoning effiency,stable processing property,less power consumption,light weight and friendly operation.


  The equiment is used to hull rice husk from paddy rice and to separate rice husk from the mixture of paddy and brown rice.the flat belt drive instaed of conventional gearbox for rice huller,so it is characterized by smooth driving noice,no contamination from oil leak,easy iperation and maintenance.

  Paddy separator

  It is special equipment with rice milling line,it has characteristics such as advanced processing property,compact structure and easy operation.

  Rice whitenter

  Innovated design, efficiency of milling, low temperature of rice,less broken rice, ultra-lowchaff powder.

  Rice grader

  It is used for classifying the rice in the processing,it uses difference of broken rice the whole rice type to conduct overlapping ratation and pushing forward with friction in order to form automatic classification and whole rice through continuous sieving of the approproate 3 layers sieve faces.

  Optional components

  1. Optical Sorter

  The high speed industrial 2048 CCD sensor configured and most intelligent LED with cold shadowless light source to make identification easier and more precise and high efficiency. Anti - interterference,more reliability and no need to preheat.

  2. Rice Polisher

  The rice polishing machine is new generation of product that is developed with introduced international advanced technology in combination of the real condition of china,structure and technical data of which are optimized for many times to take the leading place in polishing.bright and clean and shining rice surface and low broken rice rate meets customers requirements for producing non-washing and high-finished rice,high-clean rice and non-washing crystalline rice etc.

  Auto adapted software has the function of controlling the parameter setup,the self-correcting of the fall height,deviation alarm and fault self-diagnostics etc.

  3. Automatic Packing Scale

  Wide quantitative extent,high precision and a platform that can be raised and lowered makes it have more functions and efficiency higher. Adopt the imported sensor and pneumatic implementation mechanism which makes the work reliable,the maintenance easy and no pollution.


  • Latest technology of rice milling

    Improve the milled rice rate, reduce broken, lower temperature meters, good bran removal effect, stable mechanical performance, convenient operation and maintenance.

  • Flexible process, optional finished products

    The small steel frame structure meets the different choices of customers, and the equipment can be flexibly combined to meet the requirements of different finished products.

  • Innovative & high precision processing solutions

    Supply high quality machines for every steps of optimised rice processing to reduce operating costs and improve high profitability.

  • Intelligent optical sorting solutions

    Application of color sorter in rice sorting delivers the highest capacity and export quality standards with ease and pinpoint accuracy.


  • 30-40TPD Complete Rice Processing Machine
  • 30-40TPD Complete Rice Processing Machine
  • 30-40TPD Complete Rice Processing Machine


30-40TPD Complete Rice Processing Machine FINISHED PRODUCTS

Technical Index

Model & description Capacity (T/H) Power (Kw) Qty (Set)
1.  Combined Cleaner 1.5-2.0 0.2×2 1
2.  Paddy Husker 1.6-2.2 5.5 1
3.  Paddy separator 1.8-2.5 5.5 1
4.  Rice Whitener 1.1-1.5 22 1
5.  Rice Whitener 1.1-1.5 18.5 1
6.  Rice Grader 1.25 1.1 1
7.  Elevator   0.75*6 6
8.  Control Panel     1
9.  Blower   3 1
10.Blower   1.1 1

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