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Corn/Maize Processing Plants
Maize Processing Plant and Solution

Maize Processing Plant and Solution

Finished product:Corn flour, Corn grits, Corn germ, and Bran.

Production capacity:10-1000Ton/day as required

Core equipment:Pre-cleaner, Vibrating Sifter, Gravity Destoner, Peeling Machine, Polishing Machine, Degerminator, Germ Extractor, Milling Machine, Double Bin sifter, Packing Scale, etc.

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  We are experts in corn processing industry for more than 25 years. Our production processes make corn grits and all kinds of corn flour, which can produce good beer and spirits, and corn flour for tortillas, arepas, instant maize meal, corn snacks and other corn based products. And also offer comprehensive milling solutions for the diverse corn varieties and end products around the globe.

  The complete set of corn grits and flour procduction line adopts automated solutions to reduce labor and production costs. The experienced team of designers and commissioning engineers ensure the maturity of the process, which not only reduces energy consumption, but also reduces the impact of impurities and bran on the finished product. The yield rate has reached national standards, increasing the market competitiveness of products.

  The whole set of equipment has the characteristics of advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, extremely professional, reasonable layout, low power consumption, high powder extraction rate, and good quality of finished products. The finished product is widely used in food industry, sugar companies, and beer enterprise, and the core equipment has owned national patents.

Maize Milling Machine Process:
The maize processing line includes four main sections: 
1) Cleaning Section of maize milling machine: (separation, aspiration, destoning and dampening); 
2) Degermination Section of maize milling machine: (polishing, crushing and grading); 
3) Milling Section of maize milling machine
4) Packing Section of maize milling machine: 25KG/Bag flour auto-packing; 50KG/Bag bran auto-packing;

Maize Processing Solutions

Peeling & Degermination
Corn Milling
Corn Flour
Sifting(with aspiration), De-stoning, Magnetic Separating Separators commonly used: separators including Vibrating Separator, Plane Rotary Separator and Rotary Separator.
They are used to remove large, medium and small impurities from corn. Usually, the separators are equipped with aspiration channels to remove light impurities as well.
De-stoner and Gravity De-stoner are used to remove stones and other mineral impurities with bigger specific gravity. There can be one or two rounds of destining depending on the impurity content in corn.
In terms of use, gravity de-stoner can remove stones as well as light impurities.
Magnetic Separating:Permanent Magnetic Barrels are often used to remove iron impurities in corn.
—Combined cleaning methods to remove impurities to the maximum extent. 
—Easy operation & maintenance;
—Low power consumption, well-sealed, dust free.
Peeling & Degermination
Separating the endosperm:
Degermination separates bran, germ and endosperm for flaking and milling. Our grain cleaners gently process the corn, neatly separating the germ, epidermis and endosperm with minimal fines.
Tempering Process:
Dampener: It adds the right amount of water to corn and mix it evenly.
Tempering bin: After the addition of water, the corn will be stored in the tempering bin to soak for a certain period of time to facilitate the milling process.
Corn Milling Process
Corn Milling Process:
Debranning—Degerming—Grading—Germ Separation—Crushing—Milling—Sifting—Finished Product
Debranner: In terms of roller types, debranner can be classified as emery roll debranner and iron-roll debranner. They may come as vertical and horizontal according to the layout of drive shaft.
Its main function is to peel off the skin and also remove the germ of corn. It is generally equipped with an aspiration system to remove the skin and germ that had been peeled off through suction.
Degerminator: The degerminator utilizes the impact between the beating board and the toothed plate, and the friction and crash between corn kernels. It damages the structure of corn germs and the bonding strength between germ and endosperm. Under the combined action of these forces, the corn kernel disintegrate, the corn germ and endosperm can be separated.
Grading Separator: The corn treated by degerminator contain mixture of corn grits of different size, corn flour and corn germ. The grading separator is used to distribute the mixture of different sizes to the grinder and other equipment for further processing.
Embryo Selector: It is used to separate the germ from the endosperm according to the different specific gravity. The purified endosperm enters the crusher to be processed as corn grits or enters the mill to be grinded into corn flour.
Corn Crusher: It is used to break the purified corn endosperm into smaller particles in order to meet the user's requirements for the fineness of corn grits.
Corn Milling Machine: For customers whose main product is corn flour, the milling machine can be used to process corn grits into flour of the desired fineness.
Sifter: The ground material is sifted to extract the finished product of desired fineness. Meanwhile, through screening, some of the corn skin and embryo can be removed hence the end product is purified.
High product quality, high yield and low power consumption
The grinding system adopts the method of "light grinding and fine scraping" to make coarse grain and coarse powder with good quality and to ensure the integrity of bran as far as possible. 


  • Overall Equipment Investment

    Compared with the complete set of wet corn processing technology, it reduces the equipment investment for pre-grain moistening and post-finished product drying.

  • Good Maize Production Process

    The complete set of corn dry processing technology, there is no need adding water during the maize processing, it is hygienic, simple and labor-saving.

  • Separating Endosperm

    Adopting our core degerminator t reduces the loss of endosperm during the peeling process.

  • Advanced Integrated Components

    We introduces and applies the corn dry processing technology. Our process is designed to keep you up to date on products and technologies in order to reduce investment cost.


  • Maize Processing Plant and Solution
  • Maize Processing Plant and Solution
  • Maize Processing Plant and Solution


Maize Processing Plant and Solution FINISHED PRODUCTS


Type Equipped power (kw) Consumption per ton  (kw/h) Capacity(t/24hour) Dimension (l×w×h/m)
30T 97 52-56 30T 15×5×5.5(steel structure)
50T 172 56-58 50T 35×5×7(steel structure)
100T 346 56-58 100T 40×7×10(steel structure)
200T 664 54-56 200T 50×7×10(steel structure)

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