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480TPD Complete Peas Cleaning and Peeling Plant Installed in Shuangta Food co., LTDJune, 2020

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  Relying on its advanced experience in pulses peeling, Win Tone has designed and constructed a 480-ton complete peas processing turnkey project for China customers. It is designed and constructed according to China international standards, and the entire production line is highly intelligent and automated. And it was delivered to customers in 2020. and the customers have been running smoothly for 1 year without failure, which is well received by customers.

  What kind of engineering services can we provide?

  1. At the beginning of the project, our senior experts will intervene with the project manager to provide customers with valuable analysis and consultation, including engineering documents.

  2. Experienced on-site management, supervision and engineers will control the installation and construction process, and control the quality and progress according to the construction plan.

  3. Assist the factory to start up and operate, including project operation, operator training and factory operation commissioning, and establish standardized operation specifications.

  4. Continuously provide customers with support and technical improvements, and be responsible for them during the entire life cycle of the installed factory to ensure the profitability of the customer’s business development.

peas processing plant

peas processing plant

peas processing plant
peas processing plant

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