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China-60 Tons Corn Grits and Flour Milling Project in Luohe, Henan

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  Our company designs a 60-ton corn processing production line according to customer needs, and the main product is corn grits and corn flour. According to the requirements of highly automated equipment, a complete set of equipment production lines that meet customer requirements are produced from multiple steps such as raw grain cleaning, peeling, polishing, grits making, flour milling, and sieving.

  The project was created by Win Tone, following the production concept of "food safety and safe food". The process design adopts semi-dry processing technology, strict and high-strength cleaning technology, and patented peeling and polishing equipment to ensure that the product is free from ash and influence of impurities, thereby avoiding pollution and cross-contamination to the greatest extent possible. Equipped with precise packaging equipment to achieve quantitative packaging. Our company's fully automatic control system can effectively reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.

  At present, the 60-ton complete set of corn processing equipment is one of the highest-quality corn processing plants in the Central Plains region to the highest in the country.

maize grits and flour production line

corn processing plant

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