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Do you know the maintenance skills of complete sets of rice milling machines?

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  The complete set of rice milling machine has been used for a long time. If you want to extend its service life, then we need to master some maintenance methods. If you don't know it very well, then don't worry, because our manufacturer summarizes the relevant The maintenance method of the complete set of rice machine equipment, I hope you can read it carefully. At the same time, it is recommended that you save this article in case of emergency, and look forward to your reading.

complete set of rice mill equipment

  Maintenance method of complete set of rice milling machine:

  1. Mechanical equipment such as complete sets of rice milling machines usually require annual overhauls, dismantling and maintenance of motors, cleaning and refueling or replacement of bearings, insulation monitoring, and improvement of cooling systems, etc., to ensure that the motors are running in good condition. The rice outlet can be installed with various utensils, easy to clean and less dust, making the machine more convenient and practical. The intelligent rice milling equipment is small enough, the noise is low enough, and the rice bran treatment is perfect. The processing effect is high enough, so that the waiting time for customers is relatively short. Freshly milled rice has the characteristics of good taste, fresher and more nutritious. The biggest feature of intelligent rice milling equipment is instant processing. This fresh and nutritious freshly milled rice retains most of the nutrients of brown rice, and the freshly milled rice is preserved. Most of the germ and endosperm in rice.

whole rice mill plant

  2. All kinds of nutrients are retained, especially B vitamins, inorganic salts and dietary fiber are much richer than polished white rice. Although dietary fiber cannot be absorbed and utilized by the human body as a nutrient, its effect on human health is prepared. It is concerned that cellulose can increase gastrointestinal motility, which is beneficial to clean up wastes in the human body and relieve the pain of constipation. In addition to the medium-sized intelligent rice milling equipment in supermarkets, there is also a small household rice milling machine. The use of complete sets of rice milling machines is very high, and the cost-effectiveness of its use is also very high, all of which belong to the type of intelligent equipment.

120ton rice mill plant

  3. During the use of the complete set of rice milling machine, it is necessary to regularly check whether the fixing nut of the movable toothed plate is loose and all the fastening parts must not be loosened, especially the screws in the fixed toothed plate of the processing equipment. Appropriately inject lubricating oil before starting work, and increase the number of refueling for continuous work.

  4. Maintenance of the complete set of rice milling machine. After cleaning the main shaft bearing cavity, be sure to replace the new lubricating oil. There are strong requirements for safety and hygiene in the design and manufacturing process of complete sets of rice milling machines. During the design, it is determined to meet the requirements of mechanical structure in terms of structure and materials. Economical, we need to take reasonable measures.

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