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Is it correct to operate the millet processing equipment in this way?

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  Millet processing equipment is generally used to process millet. This kind of equipment is relatively simple to operate, but in simple equipment, if we want to give full play to its advantages, then we need to master some correct maintenance methods for millet processing equipment. , I hope you can read it carefully. If you have different opinions, you are welcome to call and give feedback. I look forward to your reading, and thank you for your attention and support.

millet processing machine

  1. Precautions for the use of millet processing equipment:

  1. In order to ensure the quality of rice milling, we should pay attention to the adjustment of rice knives, ensure that the gap between the rice knives and the rollers is within the normal working range, and avoid the quality of rice milling due to the excessive gap between the two.

  2. Before operating the millet processing equipment, preparations and inspections should be done during the period to ensure that the adjustment of the inlet and outlet guillotine knives is in place, so as to ensure that the milled rice is not only white but also very fine, and there is no broken rice.

  3. The gap between the rice knife and the drum should be moderate. The gap should not be smaller than the lateral diameter of the rice grains, because the rice grains are easily broken, and the gap should not be larger than the longitudinal diameter of the rice grains, which will easily lead to rough rice grains. The end of the guillotine near the exit is slightly larger, so that the milled rice is more complete.

  2. Daily maintenance method of millet processing equipment:

  1. Check whether the overall structure of the equipment has open welding and serious deformation.

  2. Check whether the wires of the equipment are kinked, cracked, damaged, etc. If there are any, they must be repaired in time to avoid leakage.

  3. Check whether the connection of the eccentric block is firm after use, and whether there is axial movement of the large pulley and the fixed sleeve.

  3. What is the difference between the quality of millet processing equipment?

  1. The difference in the materials used in millet processing equipment, in order to produce high-quality products, good technology alone is far from enough, and good materials are also needed, otherwise, the hardware is not up to standard, how can it produce high-quality products product.

  2. Use of accessories. Millet processing equipment is assisted by many accessories. If the large structure is good, but the accessories cannot keep up, it will also affect the overall quality of the product.

  3. Differences in production technology. Due to the different years of establishment of the enterprise, the strength is different, and the technical content is also different. The quality of the production technology of rice processing equipment directly affects the quality of the products produced, and it is also the fundamental reason for the difference in product prices.


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