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What is the reason for the noise problem of millet processing equipment?

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  What's the matter with the noise problem of millet processing equipment? At present, the development of agriculture is relatively fast, especially in the grain processing industry, more and more processing equipment has appeared in the market, and the processing equipment has completely mentioned the traditional processing equipment. Way, these processing equipment also brought me a lot of convenience, often new equipment when using certain problems. For example, the noise of millet processing equipment is one of the problems. After the processing equipment is used for a period of time, the equipment will produce a series of abnormally harsh noises, which directly affects the quality and yield of millet processing. If the failure of the processing equipment is found, it must be dealt with in time to avoid affecting the production of food, which is also a kind of protection for the processing equipment. So, what's the matter with the noise of millet processing equipment? Let's follow the Henan millet complete set of equipment manufacturers to find out.

millet processing machine

  1. If the millet processing equipment makes an uneven collision sound during operation, it may be caused by the fan blade hitting the fan cover. This is usually caused by the fan blade falling off or not being fixed, so the fan cover needs to be opened for maintenance. .

  2. The air gap between the stator and the rotor is not uniform. At this point, the sound is high and low, and the interval between high and low tones is constant. This is caused by the misalignment of the stator and rotor due to bearing wear. The operation of the machine directly affects the quality of all equipment. A small detail can lead to the normal use of some major components.

  3. The noise caused by the virtual friction of the rotor of the processing equipment is a limit state of the scanning hole, and it must be adjusted in time to improve the position of the rotor.

  4. The core is loose. The vibration of the motor causes the iron core fixing bolts to loosen, resulting in the loosening of the silicon steel sheet. Make noise. Repair and maintenance of small details of parts. Looseness of some common parts can cause a part of the machine to work abnormally.

  Fifth, other factors, such as the partial ejection of the wedge of the equipment, vibration, the length of the bearing cap fixing bolts, etc., are also some reasons for the noise. This is because it is necessary to check whether the mechanical parts are loose and aging and add lubricating oil in time.

  6. Three-phase current imbalance is the cause of poor grounding, short circuit or poor contact of the three-phase windings. If the sound is dull, the motor is severely overloaded or running out of phase. It is necessary to do a good job of power adaptation and power stress detection. Due to the overcapacity of power equipment and the damage to the machine, some equipment has too much power, which makes the machine unbearable. Phenomenon.

  The above synthesis is about the reasons for the noise of Xiaomi. We can see that there are 6 reasons in total. When the processing manufacturer uses the equipment processing to find that the equipment noise can be found according to the above method, find the problem, and then solve it to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. .

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