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What technical benefits does corn processing equipment have in the food industry?

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  When corn processing equipment is in operation, some impurities are often left in the dead corners, which will become very difficult to clean. Therefore, these impurities will make the whole set of flour mill equipment wear more seriously, and will also cause the quality of corn processing equipment to decline. However, for the problem that some flour processing equipment is difficult to clean, China Win Tone Machinery manufacturer said that it must be cleaned reasonably, and the processing equipment should be regularly maintained to improve our technical benefits.

  On the grinding rollers of corn processing equipment, more material tends to adhere. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the adhesive material on the grinding roller to reduce the wear of the grinding roller and ensure the processing quality of the flour processing equipment. For parts that are difficult to clean directly, we can use a small brush to clean the impurities in these parts to ensure the cleanliness of the processing equipment. It is emphasized that if the dead corner cannot be cleaned with a small brush, the corn equipment needs to be removed for cleaning.

  The special sieve for the complete set of corn processing equipment is mainly used to clean the mud, sand and wool on the surface of wheat. The sieve is the sanitary tool of the pulverizer, it clears the road like a cleaner for flour. The screen of small corn processing equipment has good smoothness and rigidity. The raw material of the screen is 65Mn high-strength spring steel wire, which is subjected to wave pressure nesting treatment before processing. The surface of the screen mesh is very smooth, so it is easier to remove the sundries in the wheat, and there is no omission. The rigidity of the screen mesh is the need of processing machinery.

  The sieve of corn processing equipment has corrugated dents and elasticity firmly adhered to the latitude of the silk knot, the mesh is deformed, and is very strong, which plays a significant role from the wheat impurities. If impurities are mixed into the flour, it is not only bad for human health, but also affects the black and yellow color of the flour and noodles, which also affects the appearance of people's appetite.

  Due to the high temperature in the crushing chamber of corn processing equipment, proper sealing and lubrication are required. This may be due to the insufficient lubrication effect of my country's grinding machines, the increase in the number of frictions, and the inevitable high temperature phenomenon. Only reasonable lubrication and sealing can ensure the normal operation of corn processing equipment. At the same time, good maintenance of corn processing equipment can also make it last longer and save production costs. Corn processing equipment is a kind of equipment with a high degree of automation. During wheat processing, its frequency of use and wear is relatively high, so the temperature may increase. When there is a high temperature, we need to solve it, otherwise our corn processing equipment will be interrupted, which is a great threat to our production and development.

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