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What is the layout of corn processing equipment in the direction of corn feed processing?

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  The layout of corn processing equipment in the direction of corn feed processing is promising in the future. my country's corn processing equipment has a relatively low level of processing technology, and is generally used as ration and feed, and deep processing only accounts for 9% of the output. It is necessary to increase the cultivation and development of new varieties such as high-oil corn and high-quality protein corn, develop diversified corn food and multi-purpose industrial raw materials; improve the comprehensive utilization level of existing processing enterprises with corn processing equipment, develop starch, corn flour , corn steep liquor, corn gluten meal, fiber residue or corn husk and germ and other products.

maize processing machine layout

  Make a fuss about the in-depth development and utilization of corn starch, and produce high value-added products such as modified starch, citric acid, and starch sugar. Corn feed processing should develop in the direction of specialization, specialization, health care and granulation. In terms of layout, the focus is to support and establish a group of large-scale and high-level corn processing enterprises in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and other major corn-producing areas.

  How much does it cost for 30 tons of corn processing equipment per day?

  How much is the investment quotation for corn processing equipment with a daily output of 30 tons? Mainly around 200.000-600.000. It also depends on the type and model of the production line equipment designed by the corn processing equipment manufacturer for you. Because different manufacturers of corn processing equipment have different production costs (including labor costs, raw material costs, technical costs, etc.) when producing equipment, it will lead to high and low quotations for equipment by various manufacturers in the market.

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