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What is the relationship between the feeding speed and the grinding effect during production of corn

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        The relationship between the feeding speed of corn processing equipment and the grinding effect during production. The technology is reasonable and the domestic advanced, the relationship between the feeding speed and the grinding of the corn processing equipment during processing:

   Due to some reasons, the corn processing equipment may appear impermeable or even blocked during the production, which affects the processing efficiency and processing quality. We said that the blockage may be caused by improper use of equipment, excessive humidity in the raw grain, etc. In addition, the speed at which the staff adds the raw grain will also cause blockage, resulting in impermeable grinding of materials and poor product quality.

   The reason for the impermeability of corn processing equipment may be related to the rate of material addition. Each equipment has a certain operating speed. If the user speeds up the feeding speed of the equipment under the condition that the grinding speed is constant in order to increase the processing volume, it may be that the feeding speed is too fast and the grinding is not penetrated. , This will easily cause the machine to be blocked and the machine will not run. When the grinding is not thorough, the grinding effect will be greatly reduced, which will lead to poor quality of corn products and cause losses to the enterprise.

corn grinding machine

   Therefore, in the production, we must pay attention to the speed of adding materials, and try to avoid the phenomenon of impermeable grinding.

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