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What are the requirements of different processes for the operation of corn processing machinery?

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  In the food processing industry, in order to process high-quality products, there are requirements for the quality of the machine itself, the operation of the processing technology, the technical level of the staff, and objective factors. Generally, different products have different requirements for processing technology. Correspondingly, different processing techniques have different requirements for the operation of machinery. Taking corn processing as an example, what are the requirements for different techniques?

  1. Generally, the processing of corn raw materials has a set of standard technological process. During the operation, pay attention to strictly abide by the technological process. The raw materials are generally screened and purified first, and then fed, peeled, ground and separated. After completion, personnel should pay attention to reasonable packaging and storage.

operation of corn processing machinery

  2. After one processing is completed, the process needs to be repeated continuously in the later stage. At this time, avoid the machine running under high load for a long time, which will affect the service life, and remind the staff to pay attention to time planning to ensure normal, smooth and smooth operation.

  3. In order to avoid the failure of the machine during the operation process, resulting in waste of materials, first of all, pay attention to check the hygienic condition of each part of the machine, clean up the sundries in time, and find out the abnormality of the mechanical parts at the same time, find out the reasons in time, and take corresponding solutions. .

  In addition, it is very important to ensure the production of corn processing, which has higher requirements for the institutionalization, standardization and standardization of the production workshop. Continuously improve the quality of management personnel, and do a good job in the training of corn processing machinery management, operation, maintenance and other positions.

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